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Notice is hereby given, that the November 21, 2022 public meeting of the Warwick Township Water & Sewer Authority Board will be held promptly at 7:00 PM in the public meeting room (2nd Floor) of the Warwick Township Building.

The meeting agenda will be posted on the Authority website and the front door of the Warwick Township Water & Sewer Authority Building by the end of the day on November 18, 2022.  The Board will conduct business on the agenda and whatever other business comes before it.  All interested parties are invited to attend.


Perfluorinated Compounds (PFOA and PFOS)

Warwick Township Water & Sewer Authority has received many inquiries regarding the recent news articles on the contamination of several local water supplies.  The contamination issues effect ground water sources (wells) in these municipalities and most have discontinued use of those sources.

Warwick Township Water & Sewer Authority does not use ground water sources for its water supply.  100% of our water is purchased from Aqua Pennsylvania and the North Wales Water Authority that primarily use surface water and are unaffected by the perfluorinated compound contamination in the local water supply.

If you have a private drinking water well and require additional information about the safety of your water you may call the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection at 484-250-5980.

Authority Board Members

Paul Stavrides


Stanley Rockovich

Vice Chairman

Kevin McGowan


Richard Carlin


Edward Thompson

Assistant Secretary & Treasurer

Executive Director
Michael Sullivan

The authority needs your contact information in case of an emergency. Click here for more information